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DBM is dedicated to preserving the beautiful place we live in and the world beyond our backyard.

Green Products

We believe we can make a difference for the environment. We are continually researching new products that use less energy, reduce waste, and prevent leakage which all lead to higher efficiency rates.

By offering machines and products from companies who share the same values, we feel we can make a difference. Our manufacturers work diligently to offer products that conserve energy and manage resources efficiently.


With energy efficiency ratings, innovative packaging, and consumable take-back programs, Ricoh shows its commitment to green initiatives. Many Ricoh products boast the coveted ENERGY STAR® label meeting energy efficiency requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. Their New Jersey facility has been an ENERGY STAR-certified building since 2014.

Ricoh offers various programs to help customers recycle used consumables, imaging equipment, parts, and packaging. Ricoh encourages consumers to research local recycling resources to reduce environmental impact, but where not available Ricoh offers their Toner Cartridge/Container/Maintenance Kit Return Programs. Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier toner containers can be returned for recycling using their original carton boxes and the UPS or FedEx shipping labels provided. For higher volume accounts, Ricoh offers other programs to facilitate recycling.

Ricoh is committed to supporting a sustainable society by reducing their environmental impact and working to conserve biodiversity. An outstanding example of their commitment lies in West Caldwell, New Jersey, at Ricoh’s pollinator garden. The garden hosts a variety of native flowers such as Purple Bergamot, Black Eyed Susan and Eastern Columbine which positively impact local wildlife and draw in native pollinators, such as bees, to increase the health of local ecosystems and support pollinators.

Ricoh also provides safety data sheets with its products that detail chemical substance use. The safety sheets also provide customers with details about safety measures in case of an emergency.

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*Information regarding green efforts has been sourced from the manufacturer’s website.

Konica Minolta

This industry leaders production sites undergo comprehensive evaluations of their environmental activities. Their goal is to reduce waste, reduce emissions and reduce chemical substances.

Konica Minolta’s Simitri toner is made using plant-based biomass materials and contains smaller particles than ordinary toner which cuts toner consumption by over 30%.

The Clean Planet Program is a consumable recycling program that adds zero waste to landfills with zero incineration. And the program is free to all Konica Minolta customers. All Konica Minolta consumables are recyclable:

• toner bottles
• developer units
• drums

Customers can order various sizes of kits, including pre-labeled UPS boxes. This program is built to make recycling consumables easy and convenient and it’s just one part of the company’s commitment to the environment.

Konica Minolta also recently launched Eco Vision 2050—a long-term environmental action plan. Actions to promote recycling, work towards biodiversity, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions throughout product life cycles by 80% are detailed in the plan.

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*Information regarding green efforts has been sourced from the manufacturer’s website.

Green Services

Managed print services can assist in efforts to reduce paper waste by improving document workflow. Less printing means less waste and lower printing costs. DBM’s print services help businesses save on:

  • equipment installations
  • upgrades
  • maintenance
  • IT costs

Reducing Waste

At DBM we feel one of the most impactful steps we can take is to recycle. One way we do so is by working with our clients to properly dispose of old equipment—ensuring harmful components are handled properly and recycling anything that can be. We also recycle used toner containers from our clients. We are continually seeking out other consumables we can recycle through various resources.

We feel our efforts are essential to our dedication to the future—the future of our business, the industry, the planet and most importantly the future of our customers. Talk to your DBM sales or service professional during their next visit to learn how we can help you go green.

Green Solutions