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Paper, Paper, Paper Everywhere!

document managementIt doesn’t matter where you work, paper is something we can’t seem to do without. We all use it, but the question is how do we organize, store, and dispose of it properly?

Solutions to capture content, convert data, index information, and route documents exist! Gone are the days of digging through the stack on your desk, or spending hours searching the rows of file cabinets to find what you need. DBM offers tailored document management solutions allowing staff to store and securely share documents electronically. Storage options allow each of our customers to choose whether documents are stored online in a secure cloud, or in-house. Don’t let the absence of a paper trail intimidate you, documents can be retrieved at any time for viewing, editing, printing, electronic sharing and even faxing.

Ricoh and Konica Minolta both offer document management solutions.

Ricoh offers:

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Konica Minolta offers:

  • Rules Based Printing
  • Secure Follow You Printing
  • Mobile Printing

Content gathered from Managing Information at the Speed of Technology.